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Whether you’re a young company eager to get noticed or a well-established brand with multiple stores, we’ve got pure Fiber-powered plans that suit your business needs. Check out our available packages now and achieve better results!

With pure Fiber technology, you get less interruptions and more reliability compared to traditional wireless BWA, LTE and 3G connections, allowing your business to operate faster and better. Every Fibr Plan is also fully loaded with free services, enabling you to fully maximize your business internet.

Build your enterprise with impeccable Internet connection scalable up to 1 Gbps. Protected or Unprotected up to 99.99% Reliability Guaranteed Service.

Combine video, data application, and voice without the complexities with secured “one-to-many-point” network connection to all your access points.

Easily connect with your satellite offices across the Metro in a cost-efficient Intranet that supports all your bandwidth-consuming applications used in the office.

A dedicated point-to- point private line service that serves as the backbone for efficient and cost-effective international connections.

Essential for your high-speed private data transfers, DLL guarantees secure, high-performance point-to- point line solutions.

A fully equipped and configured data center for your enterprise with easily accessible, private servers.

Ensure critical business functions remain unaffected during and after a disaster.

Host your hardware and devices in professional data centers for specialist services and systems, constant security and other additional advantages.


1. Maintenance Contracts – includes maintenance support service, scheduled visits, checking, repair, recommendation and enhancement of IT Infrastructure, Auditing and Testing service which help identify and isolate network problems.

2. Engineering Services on Demand – include On Site Support, Helpdesk Support, Preventive Maintenance.

3. Outsourcing IT Staff Augmentation – service of deploying IT professions which aims to reduce client’s costs associated with organizing, recruiting and maintaining permanent IT staff.

4. License Renewal – 3rd Party Warranty/Service Assistance of hardware and software brands.

5. Hardware and software procurement

6. Annual service maintenance

7. Onsite deployment of technical service personnel

8. Preventive maintenance and diagnostics services

9. Technical helpdesk services

10. Technical support outsourcing services

-Network Visibility and Control Project
-ISP Redundancy and HA Firewall Implementation
-Network Visibility and Control Project Implementation

I. Industry
METRO WIFI – Public Internet Access

II. Problem
The company’s network infrastructure was down for three days due to an internet traffic congestion caused by an internal network loop. Prior to this, the company has already been experiencing bandwidth problems caused by non-productive and non-business related internet traffic usage.

III. Solution
(1) The company needs a way to have visibility over its network infrastructure in order to quickly detect network traffic congestion, physical connection problems, bottle necks and network loops.
(2) At the same time, they should be able to monitor & control the outgoing traffic to their Network Operating Center within the available bandwidth.

IV. Value Proposition
Brainshare Technologies (Brainshare) proposed a solution that can monitor the company’s overall network connections and another solution to monitor and control the outbound traffic passing through the company’s public wi-fi access, secured fiber optic transmission and to the internet.

V. Benefits
With the help of Brainshare solution together with the deployment of managed switches in the critical parts of the network infrastructure, the company can now monitor the state of the network physical connection, bandwidth usage, and traffic utilization that are near or in reach of the new main switches. Also, the company can now know the percentage or rate of different inbound and outbound traffic that are associated with specific user IP addresses and Access Points. With this new information, policies can be created on the new solution to limit, block, prioritize and/or guarantee bandwidth to a specific or group of traffic and monetizing engine.

VI. Overall
The company was able to gain network visibility over their network. In addition, with the solutions installed, the company’s IT Administrator can use real-time dashboard to monitor and review traffic history, limit the rate, and instantly create customized reports of inbound and outbound internet traffic
activity. The IT Administrator can also select applications that will be given priority in case of congested situation.

VII. Diagram
-Before Implementation
-After Implementation
-Internet Access for 99.99% High Availability

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